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In the StorCloud Challenge, applications that demand fast transfer rates and/or use multiple file systems in interesting or comparative ways compete for prizes and bragging rights.

2005 Challenge Participants

Interactive Remote Visualization of Large High-Resolution Time-Varying Geophysical and Biological Datasets

High-performance KEKB/Belle data analysis using Gfarm Grid file system

PNNL Computational Chemistry Simulation

TRI-Data Storm

mpiBLAST on the GreenGene Distributed Supercomputer: Sequencing the NT Database Against the NT Database (An NT-Complete Problem)

Ubiquitous Data: The TeraGrid Data CyberInfrastructure

2004 StorCloud Challenge Winners
Congratulations the following winners of the 2004 StorCloud Challenge:

Best Random Access Use of StorCloud
The winner is Blockbuster, Lawrence Livermore National Labs

This category represents a class of applications that access the storage subsystem in a random fashion as opposed to purely sequential access pattern. Random access patterns generally stress a storage subsystem far more severely than sequential access patterns.

Best Use of StorCloud to Advance a Scientific Application
The winner is MPQC, Sandia National Labs

This category represents an application that gained significant benefit and/or growth from the use of the StorCloud storage system.

Most Innovative Use of StorCloud
The winner is PNNL Active Storage

This category is given to the group that demonstrates a novel use of the StorCloud storage system that goes well beyond simply transferring data between the application and the storage devices in StorCloud.

Highest Achieved StorCloud Bandwidth and I/Os per second
The winner is ENZO, San Diego Supercomputing Center

This award represents the highest bandwidth and I/O operations per second achieved between the application and the StorCloud storage subsystem used during the run.