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SC Global

Please click here for a list of sites from which you can attend remotely.


This primer serves as an introduction for sites that are interested in participating in SC Global'05. Within the primer you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions, a description of the possible levels of participation, with a brief description of the associated commitment, and contact information for questions.

We invite all AG locations to participate in SC Global; there is no charge for registering. We hope you will invite your local community to participate in SC Global through your AG node, to make a local mini-conference out of this opportunity which showcases emerging technologies, and provides a conduit for people to network with others from their discipline.

Dates to Remember:
SC Global Submissions Open: April 4, 2005
SC Global Submissions Close: April 29, 2005
SC Global Acceptances Sent: June 1, 2005
Satellite Site Registration Opens: June 10, 2005
Satellite Site Registration extended to Sept. 30, 2005
Satellite Site Certification Completion: October 14, 2005

How can my organization participate in SC Global as a remote site?

There are three categories of remote sites for SC Global, each with its own level of involvement with respect to required preparations.

  • Constellation sites
  • Satellite Sites
  • Observer Sites

Constellation Sites are AG locations from which SC Global presentations will be originated. Constellation sites have been selected through the proposal process, and will be required to participate in many technical and production preparations during the summer and fall.

Satellite Sites are AG locations which enable participation in an interactive, multimedia way. Participants attending through Satellite Sites can ask questions through AG audio and video channels and actively participate in Panel and Birds of a Feather session discussions. Satellite Sites must register for SC Global, participate in a Certification Session with Remote Site Managers over the AG, and attend a minimum of one 'MegaCruise' prior to the conference. These sessions are intended to verify that their node is in good working order and provide additional opportunities to test bandwidth or network issues which may arise in large AG sessions. To register as a Satellite Site, please go to:

Observer Sites are AG locations to which SC Global is broadcast. Such sites cannot transmit audio or video to either the conference node or any other sties. Questions can be submitted through a text interface. The Observer Sites are not required to participate in any specific preparations. We invite and encourage these sites to join MegaCruises to ensure that their AG node is in good working order and to develop a familiarity with the production proceedings prior to the event.

How do I submit a proposal to SC Global?
The SC Global submissions page is at: You will need to register at the site prior to uploading a submission. To register, click 'Register', complete the form with your contact information, click 'Submit'. When you are brought to a new page, click 'SUBMIT' and follow the link to SC Global.

What topics are being included in SC Global'05?
A sample of potential session topics:
  • Visualization
  • Biomedical applications
  • Student sections
  • Technological advances in AG
  • Shared tool development
  • 'Parade of Nations' (mimicking the opening of the Olympics, provides remote sites with an active role.)
What factors will be considered in reviewing proposals?
For SC Global '05 proposals will be reviewed solely by the SC Global committee Proposals should include a brief description of how they provide one or more of the following factors:
  • Compelling experience for remote sites
  • Technical and/or artistic merit in its own relevant field (painting, scientific visualization, etc)
  • Contribution to understanding of the use of distributed collaboration technologies
  • Extent and effectiveness of collaboration
  • Possibility of rolling out the work this session reflects to a larger community (such as those with low-bandwidth connections, economically disadvantaged people, and/or people with disabilities)
Can I participate in SC Global from the Seattle conference site?
The SC Global program room will be open to all conference attendees (including those with Exhibits-only and Exhibitor badges).

Where should I send questions?
Additional questions should be directed to: