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The SC|05 and SC|05 HPC Analytics Committees Announce New Initiative for Researchers, Engineers and Analysts; and Solicits Submissions for a New Challenge to be Showcased at SC2005

SC|05 HPC Analytics Members Seek to Spotlight HPC Community Accomplishments in Sophisticated Methods for Data Analysis and High-End Visualization

PITTSBURGH, PA. - SC2004 - November 11, 2004 - The SC|05 High Performance Computing (HPC) Analytics Committee today announced the start of a year-long initiative to showcase more visibly the growing area of High Performance Computing Analytics within the annual Supercomputing conference.

"I expect HPC Analytics to be one of the most exciting initiatives at SC|05”, said Bill Kramer, SC|05 General Chair of the conference. "HPC Analytics adds to the significance of SC|05's HPC Computing, Network and Storage efforts, bringing these resources together while adding sophisticated analysis methods to solve some of societies' most challenging problems."

As a new Supercomputing conference endeavor, the HPC Analytics initiative will highlight rigorous and sophisticated methods of data analysis and visualization using high performance computing. The dramatic increases in performance, scalability, and overall computational power in high performance computing over the last decade, combined with the increasing importance of making sense of huge amounts of underutilized data has led to the growing area of HPC Analytics. In fact, while HPC Analytics is a strong area of focus in supercomputing government and research communities worldwide, it is also driving the growth and demand for “business analytics” in more mainstream business sectors.

The primary objective of the HPC Analytics Initiative for SC|05 is to very visibly showcase this important and expanding area of rigorous and sophisticated methods of data analysis and visualization. In addition to recruiting analytics submissions for SC|05 technical programs such as papers, tutorials, masterworks sessions, and panels, the HPC Analytics Committee is issuing a major new challenge to the high-performance computing community to submit stellar examples of real-world analytics applications for an award to be presented at next year's SC2005 conference. Analytics activities will build upon the other main themes of the SC|05 Conference in High Performance Computing, Networking and Storage.

The HPC Analytics Challenge is a unique opportunity for industry, academia, government and other organizations engaged in sophisticated data analysis and visualization to develop and demonstrate applications showcasing powerful analytics technique to solving complex, real-world problems.

"The benefit of the HPC Analytics Challenge contest is to provide a forum for researchers, engineers, and analysts to showcase computational intensive applications that solve real-world, complex problems through the use of rigorous and sophisticated methods of data analysis and high-end visualization," said Donald R. Jones, Ph.D., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and co-chair of the HPC Analytics Challenge.

The HPC Analytics Committee is made up of volunteers from many organizations, including:

  • Boeing Corporation
  • Cray
  • Hewlett Packard
  • IBM Corporation
  • Los Alamos National Lab
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • National Center for Supercomputing Applications
  • Oak Ridge National Lab
  • Pacific Northwest National Lab
  • Platform Computing
  • Purdue University
  • SGI
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Texas Advanced Computing Center
  • University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Visual Numerics

Submissions will undergo a peer review by select members of the HPC Analytics Committee, which is comprised of prestigious analytics experts from around the world. More information on the competition can be found on the SC2005 web site at the following location:

About SC|05

SC|05, the premier international conference on high performance computing, networking and storage, will convene November 12-18, 2005 in Seattle. Under the theme, "Gateway to Discovery," SC|05 will showcase how high performance computing, networking, storage and analytics lead to advances in research, education and commerce. Exciting technical and education programs, workshops, tutorials, an expanded exhibit area, demonstrations and many other activities await attendees. SC|05 is the one place that attendees can see tomorrow’s technology being used to solve world-class challenge problems today.

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