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The Washington State Convention & Trade Center's award winning design dramatically integrates the vitality of an international port city with the natural beauty of the Evergreen state. Set in the heart of Seattle, it is a sparkling centerpiece mere steps from the city's finest hotels and restaurants and 20 minutes from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport — a setting that lends fresh perspective to the meaning of the words "great location."

SC|05 Policy on External Organization Meetings (EOMs)

  1. SC provides a valuable service to External Organizations who want to have meetings associated with SC. - SC|05 will support such requests to the extent possible given resources, to the extent they are aligned with the conference goals, do not place a burden on the conference or its volunteers and do not conflict with SC|05 activities.

  2. Since SC|05 has very limited space to provide meeting rooms in addition to the conference activities, and SC|05 wants to provide reasonable access to different organizations, EOMs from the same organization should be two hours or less in duration. Longer meetings should be referred to hotels and other venues (hotel lists are available here).

  3. SC will provide only meeting rooms to EOMs. The rooms are "as-is" (room layout, AV, networking, or other related or incidental expenses). It is particularly important to note not all rooms have AV.

  4. The sponsoring organizations are responsible for all additional costs; including room resets, food, AV support. This includes anything needed to return the room to the original state if the EOM changes anything.

  5. EOMs are provided only during the main conference hours.

  6. EOM requests are submitted to the SC|05 space coordinator by sending mail to The space coordinator is responsible for identifying the EOM organizers and checking to ensure the organization has a relationship with SC|05 (stakeholders of participating organizations, exhibitors, attendees.). If need be, the space coordinator will check with other committee members to determine this relationship.

  7. Priorities for providing an EOM are loosely structured. In general, SC|05 will support organizations that are non-profit, have limited funds to pay for meeting space, have great deal of difficulty paying for such space (e.g. some government organization might fit this "great deal of difficulty" category) and/or those that make substantial contributions to SC|05. Higher priority requests will receive timely resolution based on relationship with SC|05.

  8. Once a EOM is scheduled, SC|05 will honor its commitment to scheduled time slots regardless to subsequent EOM requests.

  9. The SC|05 space coordinator will attempt to resolve request conflicts - and the space coordinator may refer issues needing higher level of <>visibility will be forwarded to the General Chair for disposition.

  10. More information: