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Schedule: November 12-18th 2005
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The Strategic Future of Data and the Mining of Massive Data Sets - Part 1

Session: HPC Analytics-related Topics

Event Type: Masterwork

Time: 10:30am - 11:15am

Session Chair: Jeff Nichols

Speaker(s): Robert L. Grossman

Location: 6B


We are at a transition point in how data fits into collaborations, organizations and enterprises. In business, data has traditionally been viewed as part of the IT infrastructure. Today there is a growing awareness that data is a critical strategic asset that plays a much more fundamental role in driving the strategic planning and advanced execution of a modern enterprise. In science, discoveries have traditionally been made through experiments, through theory, and, more recently, through simulations. Today, a fourth modality of discovery has emerged in which discoveries are made through inferences from previously collected data. New data is being produced at unprecedented rates. You can spin a terabyte of data for less than a $1000, and yet most organizations are challenged when given a terabyte of data and asked to explore, integrate, and analyze it in order to produce an analytic model that can be used for prediction. This gap between the availability of data and our inability to exploit it appropriately has created tremendous demand for a new way of thinking about data systems and data-driven applications. It has also created a strong need for large-scale computational systems that are capable of processing massive amounts of data in a very short time and with data access requirements that differ from traditional modes of data processing and access. In a pair of talks Usama Fayyad and Robert L. Grossman illustrate how data is taking on a fundamental strategic dimension for many organizations and collaborations. They discuss the challenges this presents and cover case studies from scientific, business and government applications. They demonstrate how data and data mining systems are evolving, and how they are becoming capable of fulfilling this new strategic role.

Chair/Speaker Details:

Jeff Nichols (Chair)
Oak Ridge National Lab

Robert L. Grossman
National Center for Data Mining
Robert Grossman is the Director of the National Center for Data Mining at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he has been a faculty member since 1988. He founded Open Data Partners in 2001 and is its Managing Partner. Open Data provides consulting and outsourced services focused on data. He is also the Chair of the Data Mining Group, an industry consortium responsible for the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML), an XML language for data mining and statistical models. He was the founder of the data mining vendor Magnify, Inc., its CEO from 1996-2001, and its Chairman until it was sold to ChoicePoint in 2005. He has published over one hundred papers in refereed journals and proceedings on data mining, distributed computing, high performance networking, business intelligence, e-business and related areas, and lectured extensively at conferences and workshops.