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Schedule: November 12-18th 2005
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Warewulf Users and Developers

Session: BoF-16

Event Type: BOF

Time: 12:15pm - 1:15pm

Speaker(s): Timothy Ian Mattox

Location: 6A


This is an informal gathering of cluster users/admins that either use or might use Warewulf to manage their Beowulf cluster. Warewulf is an integrated collection of tools for administering and setting up a cluster of network-bootable nodes. Warewulf is the first of its kind which elegantly solves many of the problems associated with administration and scalability. It is a proven technology and has been used for years on both production and development cluster systems. Come to the BOF to share your Warewulf experiences and new feature ideas, and to hear from other Warewulf users and developers.

Warewulf's home page:

Chair/Speaker Details:

Timothy Ian Mattox
University of Kentucky