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Schedule: November 12-18th 2005
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P10: A Grid-enabled Simulation-Optimization Framework for Environmental Characterization Problems

Session: Posters: Grid

Event Type: Poster

Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Speaker(s): Baha Y. Mirghani, Michael Tryby, Ranji Ranjithan, Kumar Mahinthakumar, Derek Baessler, Nicholas Karonis

Location: 4th Floor South Lobby


Environmental characterization involves the resolution of unknown system characteristics from observation data, and thus can be categorized as an inverse problem. One solution approach for inverse problems is through coupling of environmental simulation models with global search methods. Computational tractability of such a simulation-optimization approach could be enhanced through a grid-computing framework.

This poster describes the development of the LArge Scale Simulation Optimization (LASSO) framework, which utilizes standard communications protocols and the MPI2 API to establish a connection between a centralized search application with simulation models running on TeraGrid resources. We report our experiences in developing this grid-enabled framework, and demonstrate preliminary and enhanced set of results for a groundwater release history reconstruction problem where significant performance improvements are observed.

The poster will show details of the application problem, solution approach, the LASSO architecture diagrams on some TeraGrid sites, and performance results for single-site and cross-site runs on the TeraGrid.

Chair/Speaker Details:

Baha Y. Mirghani
North Carolina State University

Michael Tryby
North Carolina State University

Ranji Ranjithan
North Carolina State University

Kumar Mahinthakumar
North Carolina State University

Derek Baessler
Northern Illinois University

Nicholas Karonis
Northern Illinois University