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Schedule: November 12-18th 2005
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P22: Tools or No tools?: A parallel performance analysis case study

Session: Posters: Performance

Event Type: Poster

Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Speaker(s): Patrick Worley, Jeff Candy, Laura Carrington, Kevin Huck, Tim Kaiser, Kumar Mahinthakumar, Allen Malony, Dan Reed, Philip Roth, Hongzhang Shan, Sameer Shende, Allan Snavely, Sarat Sreepathi, Ying Yang

Location: 4th Floor South Lobby


The performance of a popular Eulerian gyrokinetic-Maxwell solver code, GYRO, is analyzed on five high performance computing systems. First, a manual approach is taken, using custom scripts to analyze the output of embedded wallclock timers, floating point operation counts collected using hardware performance counters, and traces of user and communication events collected using the profiling interface to Message Passing Interface (MPI) libraries. Parts of the analysis are then repeated or extended using a number of sophisticated performance analysis tools: IPM, KOJAK, SvPablo, TAU, and the PMaC modeling tool suite. The paper briefly discusses what has been discovered via this manual analysis process, what performance analyses are inconvenient or infeasible to attempt manually, and to what extent the tools show promise in accelerating or significantly extending the manual performance analyses.

Chair/Speaker Details:

Patrick Worley
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Jeff Candy
General Atomics

Laura Carrington
San Diego Supercomputer Center

Kevin Huck
University of Oregon

Tim Kaiser
San Diego Supercomputer Center

Kumar Mahinthakumar
North Carolina State University

Allen Malony
University of Oregon

Dan Reed
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Philip Roth
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Hongzhang Shan
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Sameer Shende
University of Oregon

Allan Snavely
San Diego Supercomputer Center

Sarat Sreepathi
North Carolina State University

Ying Yang
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill