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Schedule: November 12-18th 2005
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Leading Computational Methods on Scalar and Vector HEC Platforms

Session: High End Computing Applications

Event Type: Paper

Time: 4:30pm - 5:00pm

Session Chair: Esmond G Ng

Speaker(s): Leonid Oliker, Jonathan Carter, Michael Wehner, Andrew Canning, Stephane Ethier, Bala Govindasamy, Art Mirin, David Parks, Pat Worley, Shigemune Kitawaki, Yoshinori Tsuda

Location: 606-607


The last decade has witnessed a rapid proliferation of superscalar cache-based microprocessors to build high-end computing (HEC) platforms. However, the growing gap between sustained and peak performance for full-scale scientific applications on conventional supercomputers has become major concern in high performance computing.

In this work we explore four applications from leading scientific domains in the areas of atmospheric modeling (FVCAM), magnetic fusion (GTC), plasma physics (LBMHD3D), and material science (PARATEC). We compare performance between vector-based architectures with leading commodity-based superscalar platforms.

Overall results show that the vector architectures attain unprecedented aggregate performance across our evaluated application suite, demonstrating the tremendous potential of modern parallel vector systems.

This paper can be found in the ACM and IEEE Digital Libaries
Click here for ACM
Click here for IEEE

Chair/Speaker Details:

Esmond G Ng (Chair)
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Leonid Oliker

Jonathan Carter

Michael Wehner

Andrew Canning

Stephane Ethier

Bala Govindasamy

Art Mirin

David Parks
NEC Solutions America

Pat Worley

Shigemune Kitawaki

Yoshinori Tsuda