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InfoStar Update
For SC|05, InfoStar has developed a seamless environment for accessing functions, events, exhibitor information, technical program information, education program information, HPCwire and more! Wireless devices will be your "window" to information and all the upcoming events during the week. Exhibitor and research information will be uploaded and updated — the interface allows changes to content to be made anytime during the conference.

Exhibitors and researchers: we need your help in making this year successful. The following websites are where your representative can input your latest information.

Industry Exhibits

Research Exhibits

Use these sites before and during the conference to make sure your information is correct and current. In addition to company or research organization information, you are encouraged to provide information on any special events you are arranging.

Become part of SC|05 and the excitement of InfoStar! Visit us at our booth in the South lobby near the Educational Program desk and check out for the latest conference information!

InfoStar will build on its successful debut at SC2004 and move into SC|05 with new information and accessible content. InfoStar will: (1) provide real-time information about multiple aspects of the conference to all participants, and (2) create a searchable knowledge base about conference events and attendance for the benefit of future SC conference planners.

Technical program participants will be able to obtain daily information about each session, including updated information about each presentation and speaker bios and notes when available. Session organizers and exhibitors will have upload rights to provide updated information about their session to all InfoStar users. With this capability the days of attending an SC session with outdated information will be a thing of the past.

Exhibit-goers will have up-to-the-minute information about each booth and vendor on the show floor, including a map. Exhibitors will have upload rights to InfoStar to provide customized information about activities in their booth to conference attendees each day.

InfoStar combines multiple data sources, wireless communications, collaborative software, and an innovative data clustering and visualization technology to provide conference attendees with unprecedented access to SC conference information on a real-time basis.

InfoStar also makes it possible for exhibitors and SC|05 planners to upload new information throughout the conference to keep attendees up to date about activities and events at the click of a button. Information is delivered quickly and conveniently over the SCinet wireless (or wired) network.

Behind the scenes, InfoStar will be building an extensive historical record of conference registration and attendance information that will be a valuable tool in planning future SC conferences.