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"The benefit of the HPC Analytics Challenge contest is to provide a forum for researchers, engineers, and analysts to showcase data-intensive applications that solve real-world, complex problems through the use of rigorous and sophisticated methods of data analysis and high-end visualization," said Donald R. Jones, Ph.D., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and co-chair of the HPC Analytics Challenge.

The HPC Analytics Challenge is an award competition honoring select technical and commercial applications that use leading-edge, advanced analytics techniques to solve complex, real-world problems. The growing need to leverage large amounts of underutilized data has led to the use of sophisticated methods for analysis and high-end visualization in conjunction with high performance computing, bandwidth and networking capabilities. The HPC Analytics Challenge is a unique opportunity for researchers, engineers, and analysts to showcase innovative techniques of rigorous data analysis (for example, forecasting, data mining, optimization, predictive analysis) and high-end visualization (for example, dynamic modeling, real-time rendering). Join prestigious analytics gurus from around the world to demonstrate your superior HPC analytics application. Learn more about this new and exciting competition by reading below.

HPC Analytics Handout (PDF)