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Get ready as the SC|05 Bandwidth Challenge is coming! Our scientists and their supercomputers are engines for innovation, new insights and the advancement of knowledge; and the vast rivers of data traveling to them across the continents, via our high performance networks, are a fundamental source of power driving these engines. The Bandwidth Challenge will highlight and reward the best and brightest in new techniques for creating and utilizing these vast rivers of data that can be carried across advanced networks. The challenge you face is to showcase your data, via a meaningful application, during SC|05. The throughput amount will be verified using high performance monitoring gear provided by Spirent Communications. Qwest Communications will be generously providing bandwidth to the show floor and Force10 Networks is providing the high-density 10GigE switch at the nexus of the Bandwidth Challenge for SC|05.

Bandwidth Challenge SC05 Award Winners

Bandwidth Challenge Call for Participation

Press Release: July 13, 2005 - SC|05 Challenges Scientists and Networking Experts to Think Outside the Box



The HPC Analytics Challenge is an award competition honoring select technical and commercial applications that use leading-edge analytics techniques to solve complex, real-world problems. The growing need to leverage large amounts of underutilized data has led to the use of sophisticated methods for analysis and high-end visualization in conjunction with high performance computing, bandwidth and networking capabilities. The HPC Analytics Challenge is a unique opportunity for researchers, engineers and analysts to showcase innovative techniques of rigorous data analysis (forecasting, data mining, optimization, predictive analysis) and high-end visualization (dynamic modeling, real-time rendering). Join prestigious analytics gurus from around the world to demonstrate your superior HPC analytics application. Learn more about this new and exciting competition and make submissions on the SC|05 web site.

Learn more about this new and exciting competition.



StorCloud will host an applications competition at SC|05. Applicants from science and engineering communities across the globe are encouraged to use the unique StorCloud infrastructure to demonstrate emerging techniques or applications, many of which consume enormous amounts of network and storage resources. Applicants are challenged to significantly stress the StorCloud infrastructure while delivering innovative application value across the multiple research networks that connect to StorCloud.

Possible judging criteria may include most innovative use of storage, best use of storage bandwidth, or best use of I-ops.

High performance applications that stress the limits of currently available storage systems would be perfect candidates for this storage challenge. Applications should make use of the SC|05 StorCloud's unprecedented heterogeneous "petabyte-scale" storage farm to enable showcase applications for demonstration purposes in the user's booth. The applications should demand fast transfer rates and/or use multiple file systems in interesting or comparative ways. Please see the StorCloud web page for more information on this exciting capability.